Friday, June 13, 2008

Why the Sun Won't Win It

I am glad that Kelvin McKenzie is ready to be the standard bearer for 42 days, especially as Gordon Brown's Labour Party is too gutless to do just that. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that Kelvin won't make the ballot paper; why? Well, for a start we know that Rupert Murdoch is personally financing the campaign (Kelvin said so on national TV yesterday) and that the Murdoch press will swing behind him.

However the beauty of particularly "The Sun" is its claim to be the voice of the nation; our best read newspaper. There is no way on earth "The Sun" would back a candidate who stood a chance of losing. "The Sun" is always right, it always backs the winner and Murdoch won't take chances.

They'll be doing their research tonight, no doubt polls and focus groups too. And if the voters of David Davis' former constituency look like backing DD over Kelvin, they'll steer well clear.

Davis is still putting this issue firmly first and centre on the agenda; I even had a call from our local media today about my views on this. The more Davis speaks the more people will realise that our British way of life is being erroded.

If it thinks there is even a chance it may lose, "The Sun" won't take on H&H and it won't take on Davis.

UPDATE; a colleague of mine at work things this looks a lot like the Purple Party stunt from the awful BBC series "The Amazing Mrs Pritchard". I bloody well hope not!


Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch is now a US citizen.

Any personal donation by him, either financial or in kind, would be illegal under the laws which govern Parliamentary elections.

Anonymous said...

Davis' stance is right on 42 days but not I fear in tune with majority opinion. He will hold his seat but a loss of votes to various peripheral candidates will not do him or the conservatives any credit. My main worry is that if McKenzie or even a credible independent candidate doesn't take up a pro 42 days campaign there is a risk that the far right will. The prospect of a 42 days "referendum" between Davis & the BNP would not appeal.

Antony said...

Don't worry comrade, the BNP have ruled themselves out because they AGREE with Davis over 42 days; a fact that Crick on Newsnight said would be worrying for Davis!!!

Anonymous said...


A relief about the BNP - we wait and see if any other group stirs into life

Anonymous said...

Latest. DM article. Murdock disowns McKenkie's campaign; McKenzie considering withdrawing.

Davis has played a high risk principle based / gut feels line that all parties are too timid to follow or tap. Davis has damaged his party as he has exposed them as playing safe calculating career party line, rather than principally demonstrating soul on the line conviction.

IMO he will win with 60% of the vote. He had tapped a rich seam of public disquiet, largely ignored by parties and government

Antony said...

Thanks for the update anon; If McKenzie withdraws, he'll look like an utter idiot - personally I hope he does it and is crushed.
I also agree about Davis tapping into public disquiet (something the LDs should, but have failed, to do). Hence the comparison with the Purple Party!