Saturday, June 14, 2008

Teddy's Birthday

This week has certainly been the busiest in campaigning terms since the end of the local elections. I've been out helping with campaign teams in the City Centre and also Town Close this week; sadly missing out on the University stuff this morning. Plenty of leaflets to deliver and the people I spoke to as I went around seemed fairly determined that Labour are going to lose the next election. One gentleman who lived in a block of flats off Ber Street said to me that a Conservative government was the best thing that could happen to the country - because he was a Labour man and defeat was the only way to rid his party of Brown. Interesting stuff.

This afternoon was the Teddy Bear's Picnic as St. Albans Church Hall and it was really well done; face painting, games (which Emily won - cue parental pride) and a great afternoon. All put on free by our local church. Thank you and well done to all involved. We then had to have another picnic when we got home - the excuse? Apparently it's Teddy's birthday; congrats Teddy.

This evening we have been putting the final changes to the constituency campaign plan and also doing some preperation for an even we are putting in with Baroness Gillian Shephard in July. It's all go! And tomorrow is Father's Day ... and last year Emily bought Louise a "sweet shop" toy so goodness knows what her revenge on me will be!


Anonymous said...

I agree that Gordon Brown is ineffectual but in order to win the next election the Tories would have to have real policies that stand up to scrutiny> Sadly I have my doubts and feel that the legacy of the past mistakes have not done away or really been taken on by Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Anon - a few months ago this might have been the case. People now just want a change, and whilst quite a few Tory policy areas still requires fine tuning, many see Brown and Labour have run out of vision and steam, and seem to be policy making, mainly poor policy, on the hoof.