Friday, June 13, 2008

Ireland speaks for Europe again

The victory for the NO campaign in Ireland has a huge impact on EU politics; but interestingly the one thing that came through from all of the TV coverage and news reports that I have seen if the total lack of political education and the numbers of people who didn't understand what they were voting on. I'm pretty sure that's the excuse they'll use for holding another vote, in the hope that the Irish can (once again) be convinced to change their minds.

However in a funny way, once again Ireland has spoken for the whole of Europe - because whilst the bureaucracy and the spineless politicans seek to remove more and more powers from national legislatures and place them in a political superstructure that has an increasing democratic and legitimacy deficit, the people in these countries have their views and opinions ignored.

The betrayal by Labour and the LibDems over the Lisbon Treaty denied the people of Britain their say over the future; without knowing it, the Irish may just have given us our voices back.

In politics today, a cry for freedom has gone up.


Michael Heaver said...

Sorry, but for a Tory to slam the LibLab stance on the EU is ludicrous. The EU is a yes or no issue. Either you want to be part of a superstate which, despite the referendum result, is STILL determined to push on regardless of the people’s will, or you do not.

We are far better off out of the EU and back in the EFTA where we can trade openly with our friends in Europe, without being drowned by bureaucracy and controlled by a totalitarian regime.

UKIP all the way.

Antony said...

No it isn't a yes or no question; that is the glib choice being offered by UKIP and the LibDems. I prefer being IN Europe and making it work - more democratic, more accountable, far far less corrupt etc. Don't treat the British people like fools; I look forward to next year's euro elections; my bet is that UKIP will be damaged.

Michael Heaver said...

Funny in how over 30 years of being a member of the EEC, corruption, accountability and democracy has flourished magnificently.

You Tories aren't interested in reforming it. You take the morale high ground when on British soil, but go to Brussels and watch your MEP's vote as I have. For instance, you lot voted against electronic voting despite it being a faster and more accurate way of doing things. And why? Because your MEP's have no interest whatsoever in letting their voting records become publicised. You’ve got Hannan and Helmer I suppose, but Hannan is hated by your Euro chief whip and Helmer has already had the whip withdrawn once before.

UKIP are going to make huge gains in 2009. The public are starting to awaken and Cameron's Eton Mafia can't please all sides on this issue, so they'll crumble.

Antony said...

"UKIP are going to make huge gains in 2009". Do you promise to be around the day after the results are announced to analyse that prediction?

Because a lot of people come on my blog, make odd predictions, get proved wrong and disappear.

Michael Heaver said...

I love how you dodged the majority of my comment and attacked one part that cannot be proven as it hasn't happened yet. I guess you're a politician in training?

You should get on well in the Tory Party.