Friday, June 20, 2008

LibDems campaign in Henley goes from bad to worse

I am off this weekend to help with the Conservative campaign and thought I would do some research before I went to get up to date with some of the issues. On visiting Norfolk Blogger, he advised me to go to Henley Tory website, which he thinks is boring. For what its worth, I agree but the LibDem one is almost as bad. Funnily enough the first story on this "boring" Tory website is that a Henley Primary School has accused the LibDems of using them as a pawn - including pretending that their candidate has visited the school (he hasn't), that results are poor (they are above average) and that they are under funded (they are not).

The LibDem campaign seems to have had a bad week; their latest glossy brochure has a big picture of Boris Johnson right above an article attacking the Tory candidate and suggesting people support the LibDem (who, apparently, up to 5 weeks ago lived in Portsmouth). Why use the picture of Boris unless you are suggesting implicit support? I cannot see any other interpretation than an attempt to mislead, although LDV are trying their best as always!

I'll report back later on the by-election as I see it.

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Paul said...

Re: Lib Dem Henley website

It's a mess! Where do you start?

And what's with the green colour?