Monday, June 09, 2008

Sofa Politics

When I'm fortunate enough to actually manage to watch some political TV, I always hope it's good stuff. I certainly wasn't disappointed by Cameron's venture onto GMTV - which proves why he is the single best communicator in modern politics. Like Tony Blair he was natural, good humoured and quick witted; but I don't get the same sense of nasuea with Cameron than I did with Blair. I think Cameron is personable and isn't saying what he wants people to hear, unlike Mr Blair. It probably told us little about a future Conservative government but it did say a lot about the man who is odds-on to be our next Prime Minister.

It also featured an interesting explanation about the now-infamous centre parting. Reams upon reams were written about Cameron's new sporting hair; did it contain a subtle political message? A new direction for the Conservatives? Could the hair tell us about the future of the Lisbon Treaty? Er, no, actually ... according to Cameron it was the impact of a cycling helmet on his head. Oh dear, there mut be dozens of hacks feeling very stupid round about now!

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unless they were just being ironic