Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

In a world where the role of men in the family unit is under attack, mainly through the prism of science, it is good to be reminded of all the positive role models and the excellent fathers who make a difference day-in-day-out (and, yes, that goes for Mothers too). The girls - well, Louise, but let's keep up the pretence - had prepared a mock up Evening News front page declaring that I had been made the new Fat Controller. Would I want to take on the role of running the railways? Not likely; or is it my uncanny resemblance to Sir Topham Hat?

We spent a largely dry day at the Eaton Park 80th Birthday celebration, and the girls loved the miniture steam trains and the dragons on procession! Well done to all the organisers, a good event - just a pity about the weather! From there we went over to Taverham Old Hall for our second Teddy Bear's Picnic in 2 days (a trend starting?) and also a fete. A lovely day; the girls have spoilt me!

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