Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I blame Gordon Brown, Charles Clarke, the DUP, Ann Widdecombe, UKIP and the vast ranks of utterly stupid Labour MPs

I am against 42 days detention without trial; not least because it won't actually work but for 2 other reasons - firstly the loss of our historical rights in this country to have a fair trial without being detained by the force of law, and secondly I believe that works fills the time given to complete it - so if you give the police 42 days they will take it; I just don't believe they need this time because they could do the same work (technical or not, Mr Brown) in 28 days, which for the record I believe is still too long.

So the utterly pathetic sight of a Labour government (a LABOUR government) relying on the votes of Northern Ireland MPs who, quite frankly, sold out to Brown in order to introduce a piece of legislation that will both be authortarian and ineffective is sickening in the extreme.

I am disgusted; as you can tell; and I hold every single one of the Labour MPs and the sole Tory and UKIP MPs that voted for this law to be personally responsible for the erosion of our liberties.

Thank God for the House of Lords, and I cannot wait for the day when Clarke loses his seat and a new Conservative MP for Norwich South can vote to repeal this nasty piece of legislation.

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