Thursday, June 12, 2008

Probably the most remarkable politican of the last decade

The resignation of Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, not just from his frontbench job but as an MP, is a remarkable piece of political drama. Quitting to force a by-election on the 42 days issue is an honourable and brave move; but for some of us, we've come to expect this from Davis who has a long history of speaking up for civil liberties. Tonight, a strong coalition is building around Davis and they clearly plan to take this fight to Brown and the country; persuading the majority of Britons who still believe in 42 days.

Any MP giving up his seat (and Davis could lose it) is remarkable.

Taking on a government backed by a large majority of people on a complex issue is remarkable.

Putting the right thing to do above your career is remarkable.

David Davis has a huge job to do and is now the unofficial spokesman for everyone who cherishes liberty; be it on ID cards, 42 day detention or the removal of trial by jury. Far from being a stunt, I am tonight very proud of Davis and if he brings the country with him on this, he could yet be the man who brings down Gordon Brown.


Anonymous said...

Remarkable man; stupid politican on this issue.

He has damaged his frontbench and party position. Its a lone maverik issue. Its going to take a lot more to regard democracy, defeat id cards and overturn 42 days.

Whole of the Conservatives such resign their seats to make any real differences, perhaps provoke a general election.

Anonymous said...

Of interest

Meeting 9/2/09