Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well Done Trevor

I am thrilled to say that the latest Tory PPC to be selected in Norfolk & Suffolk is our local association Chairman Trevor Ivory, who will stand for the party in North Norfolk. I attended the Open Primary in Northrepps last Friday and what a good meeting it was. Trevor and Alan Lockwood, the defeated candidate, performed very well but it was so clear that Trevor wanted the seat badly.

Trevor and I are honest friends - I think that is a really difficult seat and he has one hell of a fight ahead of him. Trevor needs to work 24/7 on this one, but I have total confidence in him to really take the fight to Lamb. Trevor has been very brave taking a seat like this on, after all he follows the class political act of Iain Dale, and I am sure that local people will warm to him. Trevor and Lisa are now planning their move 20 miles North!

Trevor is a great champion of the Conservative cause ... North Norfolk should be proud to have him!


Anonymous said...

Indeed congatulations to Trevor for his selection, but this does seem a rather light-weight selection for such a seat, which was after all Conservative until 2001. Has Trevor actually achieved anything in business, council-work, etc?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivory seem a rather odd choice considering his age, lack of experience and rather stupid first comment in the EDP "Nasty Mister Lamb" ... not a wise choice for the party. But them, I'm safe here in Norwich South where we always have a good candidate! LOL