Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is Martin Amis the stupidest person in Britain?

Novelist Martin Amis has made himself look absolutely ridiculous on several occasions during tonight's Question Time on the BBC. If you don't understand politics, or life, Martin then don't appear on TV pretending you do. You seem to be a rather sad re-tred of life during the socialist soviet era and I had rather assumed that we had moved on. The worst thing is that he has made Ruth Kelly look measured and sensible.


Anonymous said...

This is a man who's father used to sit at the breakfast table gazing into the distance and say out loud "If we closed all of the hospitals in London we could afford two more Polaris submarines" I like that kind of thinking.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't being sarcastic btw. Guns for butter and all that. Close them all!

Anonymous said...

Actually the guy from the Daily Telegraph wasn't too much better. Davies was good and Mariella Frostrup's glamorous. Ruth K was Ruth K. Education was not really her line was it?