Sunday, December 03, 2006

In response to my Question

You may remmeber that I asked about the Council's work to improve the clearing up of grafitti at Full Council last Tuesday.

The Executive Member for Community told me that the Neighbourhood Wardens are able to spot grafitti and reporting it directly to the council via their handheld technology - including taking photos. They have, apparently, had some success in working with the police to catch taggers. They also say that extended CCTV around Norwich will help. Finally they urged people to call 212112 to report any cases.

I then asked if the council believed that control of grafitti was an option - they said that they were providing constructive alternatives.

(And in case you care here are the other questions...)

Cllr Lubbock (LibDem, Eaton) asked if the Council would provide a small, individually wrapped chocolate to all employees who turned off their computer. The Labour Executive Member said the authority had a good record in saving power.

Cllr Collishaw (Con, Catton Grove) asked about the budgets for Dog Bins. Apparently dog bins are no longer provided and people should use normal waste bins.

Cllr Cannell (Lab, Lakenham) asked what progress the council had made since May. It was the most obvious brown-nosed question ever asked at Council and quite frankly both the asker and the answerer should be ashamed for wasting our time.

Cllr Sands (Lab, Sewell) asked why CityCare collected rubbish at 0615 and woke everyone up. The Executive Member, who is a Labour Councillor, said this shouldn't happen.

Cllr Hooke (LibDem, Thorpe Hamlet) asked if the law on cycling on pavements could be enforced. He was told to sod off and do it himself. In a polite manner, obviously.

Cllr Bearman (Green, Town Close) asked what is happening with the land at the corner of Leicester Street and Onley Street. It seemed to me that the council didn't know the answer.

Cllr Read (Green, Wensum) asked if more could be done to get people to Sparks in the Park via public transport. He was told that a lot of people did use the buses and that Green councillors should lighten up and cheer up a bit.

CLlr Llewellyn (Green, Wensum) asked if the bulky items collections were recycled. No.

Cllr Jago (Green, Mancroft) asked about the fence on Mile Cross Road. He was told that Norfolk County Council have the responsibility to sort it out.

Cllr Stepphenson (Green, Nelson) asked about energy saving plans for new homes. She got a lot-done-lots-to-do style answer.

Cllr Watkins (LibDem, Eaton) asked how much it cost to replace one pane of glass in a bus shelter. £313.12

Cllr Mayhew (LibDem, Mile Cross) asked about Eade Road / Patterson Road being made one way. The Council are thinking about it.

Cllr Divers (LibDem, Thorpe Hamlet) asked about traffic calming on Ketts Hill. There is no need, she was told.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with controlled grafitti - as long as it's reasonably well-spelt and not too offensive I don't see why the taxpayers' money should be wasted on 'handheld technology'. To be honest it brightens up a dull solitary walk after dark into the city - why aren't the councillors asking about the horrific bus fares that we are being asked to pay, which forces most of us students either to cough up cash we don't have, to a surly bus driver, or to take a cold and disgusting 45 minute walk in december.
For the £4 return fare First bus company are demanding between the university to the city, I could do a 35 mile-round trip to my parents' house in the sticks.
It also can't just be the students who are suffering - why isn't somebody doing something about this?!