Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Could a Unitary Norwich be Conservative controlled?

The recent EDP Report that Norwich City Council is trying to include places like Bawburgh, Trowse, Great Plumstead, Little Plumstead, Horsford, Newton St Faith, Postwick, Rackheath, Taverham, Drayton and Thorpe St Andrew raises the interesting prospect that so many suburbs would be included that it would put a massive Tory block back onto the City Council. In fact, given Tory strength in places like Catton, Bowthorpe, Sprowston, TSA and Hellesdon what chance that the Tories might take overall control? And with it being obvious that the Conservatives can beat Labour, even areas like Eaton might fall.

Still, this dream aside, I am still opposed ... politican putting people before their own party ... bizarre.


Anonymous said...

'And with it being obvious that the Conservatives can beat Labour...'

Rearrange the following words to form a well known phrase:

Body, over, my, dead.

That dig aside, it takes real politicians to '...put people before their own party...'.

Meanwhile, the cogs keep turning, but still no one really knows what Unitary is all about...

*is waiting for the shock EDP 'Death to Norwich from Unitary' front pager*

Gavin Ayling said...

Erm... slight flaw.

As the people would benefit from being under a Conservative Council, surely your opposition is not for the benefit of the people ;-)