Friday, December 29, 2006

LibDem trio defect to Cameron's Conservatives

LibDems has better reach for that sherry bottle again as news breaks that three more LibDem candidates quit their party and join the Conservatives. Most pleasingly - for Cameron and the Conservatives that is - is that the three make up a union steward, a doctor and the man who wrote the LibDem LGBT manifesto. In a statement that must stick in the throats of all LibDem activists, one of them calls Sir Ming a "has been" and warns that the party is in "reverse gear". Furthermore, another says that only the Conservatives can help the NHS.

This makes seven LibDem candidates to join the Conservatives this year, in which some LibDem blogs have been calling their "annus horriblis". However, I have yet to find a single LibDem blogger who has commented yet - as Iain Dale points out, if this was a spate of Tory defections the gloating would be deafening.
I said that the polls didn't matter for the LibDems but the trend does. This latest news certainly adds to that trend. Sir Ming might yet be in trouble.


Anonymous said...

You must be very happy Antony as one of them is the LibDem candidate for Uxbridge! LOL

Funnily enough the Hillingdon LibDem website doesn't mention this. LOL

Anonymous said...

Not just the official LibDem websites - the normally gloating LibDem bloggers have so far steered remarkably clear of this.

LOL indeed.

Anonymous said...

This has been a shockingly bad year for the LibDems and the one which has seen me tear up my membership card for good. Why some back-stabbing MPs couldn't see that Kennedy was the party's only hope is beyond me. Campbell is yesterday's man and is taking the party backwards. Unless something dramatic changes in the next year I shall join the Conservatives and certainly vote for Cameron to be PM. Could anyone, ANYONE, see Campbell as a PM ... or even junior under minister for paperclips?

Anonymous said...

Read Suz blog