Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ming's reshuffle

Ey, gads! You take a couple of days out with the family, you then find out that in your political absence a major political reshuffle had taken place ... oh, no, sorry it was Sir Ming's LibDems shuffling a couple of people you've never heard of around in jobs that didn't matter.

Professor Steve Webb (anonymous rating: who?!?!?!) has been asked to write their manifesto - this is, despite the thick trowl of sarcasm, very significant as Prof. Webb is very much considered to be on the left-leaning SDP wing of the LibDems.

Webb's old position as LibDem Health Spokesman is taken by North Norfolk's Norman Lamb (anonymous rating: haven't I seen you somewhere before deary?!?!). This is a good move for the LibDems as Lamb is one of their better performers but it could be a bit of a poision challace for Mr Lamb as his own constituency faces some pretty deep NHS cuts.

Lamb's old job as Chief of Staff to Grandpa Sir Ming goes to youthful Kingston MP Ed Davey (anonymous rating: ah, it's thingy...). I had heard whispers that Ming was a bit fed up with Lamb's apparent pisspoor efforts and this may be the result of that feeling ... Lamb has certainly failed to give any spark or drive to Ming's leadership but to fair that is a pretty tough task. I don't know if this is true - Lamb does seem pretty good at any job he turns his hand to, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors ... especially LibDem doors.

Davey's old job as Trade Spokesman goes to Susan Kramer (anonymous rating: hmmm, looks familiar but no idea who she is) and her old Internation Development job goes to newly elected London MP Lynne Featherstone (anonymous rating: nope, no idea).

So totally underwhelming then, just like poor old Ming himself.

Anyway what has got my goat a little is the continual use of the phrase "LibDem Shadow Health Secretary". Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I think not, my little deluded yellow chums. Check the official definition of shadow cabinet or shadow positions - reserved for the principle opposition party, which is ... ah, the Conservatives!

Delusions of grandeur methinks. Get it right LibDems!


Anonymous said...

A suspiciously lengthy post on something you are trying to argue is a trivial issue. Has it got something to do with them pushing you down to third at the last election, Tony?

Antony said...

LOL Actually James I think it is trivial in the news cycle - putting Webb in charge of policy is significant (long term) for politics. Lamb's appointment is also significant locally.

And no, the LibDems here in Norwich South make me laugh rather than worry me. I had my first person mention Fakenham Cllr Wright on the doorstep this month ... not impressive I understand! His literature is quite poor too. Now I know I can't say this without you saying that I am running scared, but if I said nothing you would say I am trying to blank him out. The truth is that I have never met Cllr Wright but that all accounts of him given to me by people of all parties are not positive. He doesn't seem "liked". However I do stand to be corrected when we get to see more of him in action.

Anonymous said...

."" I don't know if this is true - Lamb does seem pretty good at any job he turns his hand to, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors ... especially LibDem doors.""

No, he does not do a good job anywhere, he does however do a good spin. He gets involved at the early stages of any local issue, gets his name in the paper, makes some noise, etc. Then promptly disapears from the scene, never to get involved in that issue again. He actually achieves very very little, if anything.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" - how would you know Norman Lamb loses interest in the issue when it disappears from the press... surely if it's not in the press anymore you wouldn't be fully aware of what he's doing on the particular issue, would you??!

Any specific examples?