Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shaving foam bra (or my first day back at work)

Thanks to my part-time paternity leave, for which I am most grateful, I returned today to work in order to keep up the pressure on (er, I mean, teach) my exam classes. Year 13 were pathetically invovled in something called "panto" ... an excuse for boys to wear makeup and take off their clothes if you ask me. So I launched myself into my Year 12s and got an unexpected treat for my hard work (the title of this post should give you some ideas.) Glad to be home to the relative normality of two screaming babies and, of course, the news of the day!


Unknown said...

Lol, to anyone else, "an unexpected treat for my hard work" together with "shaving foam bra" is bound to sound worse if you mention it was on a lad :-P

Anonymous said...

Don't pretend you didn'tlove it sir. At least you can be grateful i didn't go for the shaving foam bikini!! Thanks for bringing this incident to the attentions of the Internet surfing public

hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...

Sir, I have to say, the panto was absolutely hilarious during your involvement. Not to worry, many people already have seen the internet video of it.