Monday, December 04, 2006

Simon Wright, honesty & ID Cards

Being in local government means taking decisions that you might not always agree with. You can only refuse liscening applications on the 4 liscensing objectives and you can only turn down planning applications based on planning grounds.

When the ID Card Centre plans came before the committee, the Greens tried to have them turned down on ideological grounds. However the other parties, led by senior LibDem Councillors, spoke and voted in favour of the plans because there were no planning grounds to turn them down.

So why is LibDem Parliamentary candidate Simon Wright trying to claim that the LibDems were against the plans? He certainly fails to mention that his own Councillors voted in favour of the scheme, and in doing so he suggests that his party didn't approve of these plans.

The public would have far more respect for politicans in general and the LibDems in particular if he told them the truth about these things instead of playing politics and spinning the issue.

The truth is that both Conservatives and LibDems are against ID Cards, but both parties had to vote for this proposal because they had no legal grounds to vote it down.

Why can't Fakenham's Councillor Simon Wright be honest with the people of Norwich?


Anonymous said...

Sorry Antony but your usual excellent standards have slipped. As your own article states "being in local government means taking decisions you don't always agree with". There is, therefore, no contradiction between the Lib Dems as a party "opposing the plans" while their members on planning are obliged to vote for the centre with a relunctant hand because, as you say, there are no planning grounds to turn it down.

Stick to attacking the Lib Dems when they are two-faced or hypocritical (you have enough opportunities to do so) and your comments would have more weight. But this time I don't see the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree - why didn't the LibDem say "yes we voted for it, but we had to, despite the fact we disagree."

To say they oppose it would suggest they voted against it. Which they didn't.

I think this one is spot on.

Gavin Ayling said...

Because the other parties have a complete lack of respect for the voter and think they are too whimsical to listen to the detail...

Which is why we chose David Cameron.