Thursday, November 22, 2007

The woman from the petrol station speaks...

When I went to fill up my car yesterday, I bemoaned the increase in petrol prices to the lovely lady behind the counter. Her reply:

"I can't worry about petrol prices, I'm too busy worrying about people stealing from my bank account."

Well put.


Anonymous said...

The lady is right of course and an excellent way of showing the concern felt by half of the population. You could have laboured (no pun intended) the point Antony, but this is far more effective.Ordinary people have been affected by this appalling lack of security and Labour needs to remember that these are the voters. The repercussions should be huge, but I wonder if they will be? Will Darling get off because he is 'the new boy' in the job?

Brandon Lewis said...

And still they will talk about a national database led ID card system !?! :-)