Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Norwich Unitary Status given a parliamentary savaging ... a debate worth watching

For those who believe that parliament is all about the punch 'n' judy of PMQs, please watch this film about the debates in Wesminster Hall. 90 minutes through the film you get to see an excellent section on the unitary debate in Norfolk.

Led by Mid Norfolk's Tory MP Keith Simpson, it engages Charles Clarke (Norwich S), Norman Lamb (N Norfolk), Henry Bellingham (NW Norfolk), Richard Bacon (S Norfolk) and also the Minister, John Healy, and Shadow Minister, Alastair Burt.

Overall unitary is given a good thrashing by the LibDems and Tories, but the real winner here is the quality of parliamentary debate.

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John said...

This debate comes as a breath of fresh air. I hope that it will mean that those who are trying to steamroller through a change to unitary government will take note.

Anonymous said...


Brandon Lewis said...

It will hopefully show this is not a done deal and if we stand firm in Norfolk we can fight to keep the two tier system that works so well in the Counties!

Anonymous said...


Vision_for_Norfolk is an ultimately sensible and logical division. Other than defining Norwich's/ South and Central Norfolk's boundary along a logical modern A47 southern bypass boundary, rather than an old and defunct River Yare boundary, Vision_for_Norfolk is ultimately sensible and workable document by Cllr John Fuller. IMO