Sunday, November 25, 2007

The non-issue?

Yesterday morning I was out in Eaton with local candidate Niall Baxter to help knock on doors. Interestingly the unitary issue was way down the list of concerns - it was beaten by the state of the roads, council tax levels, AWC, the fate of the ex-England manager and the driving test not being tough enough.

In fact the only person who mentioned it without prompting was a LibDem voter is massively opposed to the plans - and, yes, she will be switching to the Tories next year.

Not a single person in favour of Unitary, just one person against. Why isn't this more of an issue? Or is it just us and the EDP that care?

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Anonymous said...

I can really Unitary was low down peoples priorities. I'd lose this one Antony settling on the Rural-Urban Doughnut! without taking sides, folk care about good key services provided at the lowest possible cost, not layers to achieve this, whatever political colour.

I got a stone through my window on saturday. The fact that over the weekend and evenings there aren't the same amount of patrols as during 9-5 daytime mystifies me. One would have thought at Chief Constables puts his resources at the location, time and day crimes are committed? Apparently not if its Bowthorpe and a Saturday evening after dark. Monday 9am seems more popular with the rank and file.

AWC is much better, no vermin, smells and we can collect plastic bottles now, excellent service.

I can really appreciate those ambiguous on the end result of Unitary; yes folks have issues like my window, rubbish, street cleaning, idiot drunken teenagers outside, rush hour scrummage to work and litter.