Monday, November 26, 2007

Defectors are as welcome as always!

The news that a LibDem MEP for the North-West of England, and also a Labour Suffolk County Councillor, have both today defected to David Cameron's Conservatives should be very welcome for the party. It gives Cameron a real roll, as the government decend into choas and the polls shift in the Tory favour it demonstrates that Cam has the big mo'.

However, regular readers will note my general dislike of defectors. I just don't think you can trust people who one day are slagging off a certain party and campaigning to oust them from politics and are happily handing over their membership cheque the next. Sometimes they look desperate (like former Tory MP Quentin Davies) and sometimes they look careerist (such as the now Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward, who was once Tory MP for Witney). The first defection I can really remember was Emma Nicholson, a Devon MP who quit the Tories for the LibDems. I went on to read her auto-biography and was totally unconvinced. She's certainly gone further under the LibDems (now a Baroness) than she would have under the Tories (she may just have risen back to rank of Branch Treasurer by now).

So whilst I say welcome to these two gentleman, I think both have a lot to prove ... a lot of leaflets that need delivering and a lot of doors need knocking on. But, for now, let's just enjoy the moment!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't possibly defect to the Tories right now. You are far too popular!