Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend with a Bang

Sorry - I had to use a terrible Firework pun sometime! Yesterday we hosted our first firework party at home, so much time was spent digging holes and making tubes from which to fire rockets. Sausages were burnt (I mean, cooked), beer was drunk and enough high explosive to ensure a breakout at Norwich prison was detonated. Following the complete failure of the afternoon test run - during which Norwich almost had two by-elections - I was slightly concerned but it did go without a hitch, execpt the one rocket that went up and fell straight down to earth exploding in the garden. Just like my childhood - and Emily had a great time!

Today we have been on a bit of a mission - Emily has been hurling herself out of the cot recently and so this morning I made her bed up and we have bene searching for a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet cover. When we found it, Emily declared that she wanted a Monster duvet cover instead! When she should have been looking at the Disney Princess range, my daughter had Spiderman in her grip walking up and down saying she wanted a monster on her bed!


Anonymous said...

Why, oh why do you have your own web page? Are we really obliged to mantain the information if your daughter wants a monster duvet cover or not? Stick to the political business please. You fail to entertain, But your attempts are rather amusing.

Antony said...

There are so many responses to you Anon I don't know where to start.

Firstly you don't have to read my blog - go elsewhere if you don't like the content. I choose what to write about an nobody else, not even you! Some people think its too political others not enough. You can't win them all.

I have my own web page so that constituents, family and friends can keep up to date. I have it because it is free and accessable for most people. A great tool.

You say I don't entertain then say I'm amusing. You are a confused person and one not even with the guts to put their own name. A bit tragic all in all.

So, if you don't like it, sod off. Otherwise, be constructive.

Anonymous said...


Thomas the tank engine is sooo last month Anthony..

Anon - duvet covers are a childs first major "political" decision - "go girls" - rebel against this traditionalist patriarch who wants to inflict dated rolling stock on you.

Anon - is just jealous because they always wanted monsters on their bed....

Did you hear the one about the BNP bedroom range (true story) - all the union jack & bulldog duvet covers only came in single bed sizes!

Anonymous said...

annon, I agree with Antony, a blog is a blog. Its a compliment to Antony's success as a political commentator that there is an appetite for politican discussion here. Sorry you are disappointedBut thats life! Tough. A blog is a free expression of what is important in life, and family, nostalga/ sharing of events like halloween/ bonfire night are important. It's refreshing which I like. Play on Antony!