Sunday, November 18, 2007

LibDems and Leadership contests

Last time they did it, personal scandle rocked the candidates and the result seemed like a messy compromise (which, as it turned out, it was).

This time the candidates are slogging it out in a most bizarre fashion - the Politics Show "calamity Clegg" issue looked like two men from different parties at each other's throats rather than two colleagues competing in an internal election. I think the contempt with which Huhne holds Clegg in is distorting his political judgement. It is getting nasty and may well cost the LibDems vote ... and as I always argue, when the LibDems suffer then all politics suffers too.

An interesting contest for us Tories to observe (Labour, of course, didn't get a leadership vote this year) given the excellent contest we had in 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Never seen anything like it. For 10 boring minutes, it was a complete (and false) libdem love-in. And then......