Monday, November 26, 2007

Cameron's Conservatives take a 13% lead

Con 40%, Labour 27%, LibDems 18%.

Very good.


Liberal Talk 24 said...

Hi big man its Ned, put money on you not expecting that. I have made my own blog , would be good if you could take a look start some comments off. You will hate the name,

Impressive polls for tories. I have to admit labours time is all but over. It is looking like a John Major situation, one that is attractive for the tories as Brown clearly cant hold himself when being attacked at in PMQs from libs and cons.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough my prediction before the aborted autumn poll was in many ways a re-run of 1992 - opposition drawing level or even ahead by mid campaign then a very late government swing on the issue of "trust" and sneaking home.

At the moment it is bad for Brown but the polls have been so volatile there is scope for recovery. With the Conservatives in power Labour had it's own false dawns in the polls - 20%+ leads in 1990 and back in 1986 the Tories dropped to third place. What happened next.....

At this stage it is wrong to call Brown's predicament a "John Major situation". While we can draw parallels with economic instability etc the real killer for Major was the total collapse of his authority within his own party. At this stage Brown's position is secure. The irony is that Major is often pilloried for black wednesday when what followed was a sound economic recovery.

Interesting times