Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brown's Vision

I was going to post a long post analysing the vision as laid out by Prime Minister Brown in today's Queen's Speech. But as so much of it was trailed in advance or simply stolen from other parties, I really don't think I can make that much of it.

It was dull - just, dull. This seemed like the Queen's speech of a ten year government rather, as Brown would have wanted, the Queen's speech of a new Prime Minister. It didn't excite me at all - I'm definitely not let down because I had no expectations of this Prime Minister at all.

The only point of note was the bad tempered exchanges between the two main party leaders. Cameron did extremely well and clearly won but in a scrappy debate that won't enhance politics at all. It seems the Browns and Camerons won't be going round for Sunday dinner then ...

The last thing to note is the BNP jibe that Cameron used over Brown's fluffed "British jobs for British workers" line. I don't think we ought to be suggesting that mainstream parties are accepting the BNP line but this line should scare the Labour Party and Brown in particular because their rhetoric on immigration is looking scarily like something from the far right.

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