Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Impressed with Chris Huhne

I have just finished watching LibDem Leadership candidate Chris Huhne debating with former Tory Chairman Francis Maude and Culture Secretary James Purnell (insert photoshop joke here) and suddenly feel a bit sick. I had convinced myself that Clegg would walk away with this vote, but having watching Huhne it might be a good job for us Tories if he did.

Huhne was confident, clear and intelligent. He had the environment brief mastered clearly, he was able to destroy Brown in as few words as possible (good for soundbites and came across well on TV) and - most importantly for me - expressed a clear and coherant (and popular) line on education. I was impressed with Huhne, so its probably a good job he won't be the next LibDem leader.

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Anonymous said...

Well if you saw Hulme at Question Time at Norwich 6 months ago, he was fluent, confident, quick there and demolished little Douglas Alexander in his wake.