Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cameron's Agenda domination (Part 146)

I know this is cynical and I should investigate these isuses more in depth, but whatever you think about the Tory Leader's utterances over the past few days it shows, once again, how he is able to totally dominate the political agenda.

With the Queen's Speech all-but forgotten, Cameron has captured big headlines over rape convinction rates and today about votes on large hikes in council tax. As Mike Smithson, of pb.com, always says "when Cameron is in the headlines, the Tory poll rating goes up." This is an excellent strategy - Cameron is tackling some big, and interesting, issues. He is getting the coverage without resorting to the normal Tory-issues. Meanwhile, his frontbench team keep Labour Ministers pinned to the wall, giving Cameron the time and space to set out the positive agenda.

Maybe more later, but you have to recognise this is good politics!

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