Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Norwich Road

Saturday morning I was pleased to be able to head up to North Norfolk to help my old friend Trevor Ivory in his campaign to oust the LibDems. We went to Ludham and, in some kind of joke I assume, was given the Norwich Road to canvass. It was remarkable - house after house of Conservative voter. Yet this is a LibDem held district ward. Trevor has transformed the way in which the constituency party campaignins and works and it seems to be really paying off. They are pioneering some of the newest techniques and they seem to be working. From my day out in the sun, I have to say that if we give our Conservative voters the drive and enthusiasm to get into the polling station then this consistency may well yet be very close indeed.


Trevor Ivory said...

Thanks for your support yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anthony but the only dent in Lamb's majority that Ivory can manage is the one that will happen because of boundary changes.

Ivory was one of the weakest candidates that we could have found. I hear many in North Norfolk are now split over the issue. How many of you were out canvass? Half a dozen at most. Ask yourself why? You'd be better off in Yarmouth or even Norwich.

jack ketch said...

Hi, I have no interest in politics and only stumbled across this while searching for something else.

Norman Lamb enjoys solid support here in North Norfolk and it has very little to do with his politics.

Infact I'd say its almost DESPITE his politics. Simple truth is that if you live in North Norfolk then you know he's there for you, ready to fight your corner against the powers that be.

Don't get me wrong, the Howells were famous for sticking up for the small guy too but Lamb has taken it to new levels.

No matter who i ask, if they have had a fight with a ministry, with a school, with a council or the nhs then he's helped.

People here don't vote the politics, they're voting for the man.