Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two LibDem Councillors defect to the Conservatives

The Conservatives have won overall control of Colchester Borough Council following the defection of two councillors from the LibDems (via a fortnight as Independents). This will come as a blow to local LibDem MP Bob Russell who is doing a good job annoying local people and dividing his party.

Like opinion polls, individual defections mean nothing. It's the trend that counts.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if any Norwich Lib Dems are thinking of switching, especially given Hereward Cooke's woefull performances as leader.

You have said in the past that there are those unhappy with him, who do you think may switch?

Antony said...

If I did I wouldn't post it here! LOL!

There are at least 2 LibDem Councillors who really are Tories and I feel would be welcome and easy in Cameron's Conservatives. I don't know if they'll jump or not.

Anonymous said...

lets put the question another way, which doen't mean you think they will or may switch.

Who on the Lib Dems benches impress you and could be an asset to the Tories?