Sunday, July 01, 2007

Too Busy to Blog!

Apologies for the lack of posts this week - it's been hectic! Thursday I attended a campaign co-ordination meeting in Suffolk for the next general election. I am very impressed at the level of professionalism being put in by both CCHQ and by the Area team and the reports from the targets seats seem to be very positive and the level of activity from across the region should have Labour and the LibDems VERY worried!

Unfortunately Olivia has been sick and so I was able to attend the Ann Widdecombe dinner at Oxburgh Hall - which is a shame as she is always good value! However, Saturday came and we managed to get out to a friend's marriage blessing at St. Pauls in Hellesdon. They married in the USA but wanted to allow their friends and family who didn't get out there the chance to witness their vows. It was a lovely service and the highlight was the bride and groom taking the unusual step of doing their own music - literally! Heidi has an amazing voice and she sung with Christian playing the music. Amazing!

It was then over to the People's Republic of Dussindale for an exclusive drinks party involving a Waitrose-a-thon (don't ask). And then onto UEA for the 1990s reunion. Lou and I cannot believe it is 10 years since we started at UEA - almost the same length of time as Blair's reign. God it feels like a long time! There was a fantastic party in the Square and sitting out in the rain, supping on cheap booze and chatting to old friends it felt like I'd never left. It really was a who's-who of UEA alumni! Old flatmates, senior Tories, people from my course and those randoms who you recongise but just can't remember their names! The music was all 1990s and it was good to see Chesney and S-Club7 in the top 3 songs of the decade. Although was slightly miffed not to include Take That's "Relight my Fire" or Robbie William's "Angel". Well done UEA - you know how to throw a party!

I'm afraid the toll of a certain number of G&Ts was evident this morning and so the day has been spent recovering. Tomorrow and Tuesday I am out on a retreat day with Year 9 in Poringland so I better get an early night!

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Anonymous said...

OH! How posh... I can only afford a few nibbles from Aldi. But then that's because those car park machines don't give change! I understand the way to avoid car park charges is to abandon one's vehicle outside somelse's abode.