Monday, July 02, 2007

Cameron's bloodless coup

I don't think there is much to be said about today's shadow cabinet resuffle. Unlike some Tory bloggers I think that Caroline Spelman will do very well as Party Chairman and I think she will bat well for the party. I am disappointed that Francis Maude doesn't get a higher profile berth than Shadow Cabinet Office Minister and feel that the promotions of Teresa Villiers (Shadow Transport) & Chris Grayling (Shadow Pensions) are well deserved. The new boys in the team - Michael Gove (Shadow Schools), Herbert (Shadow Justice) and Hunt (Shadow Culture) are fine appointments and will really present a new face to the public. However, having said that I think that 2 more experienced heads in Eric Pickles (Shadow Communities) and Owen Paterson (Shadow NI) will add depth to the team. As a big supporter of Osbourne I am glad that he was given extra responsibility and that Hague is being given extra support in the foreign affairs team. A good job, if rather unspectacular.

However the really impresisve thing is the way that Cameron has managed to carry out a full reshuffle without spilling any blood on the carpet - everyone seems happy with this team and it has maintained real unity in the party. The only casualties were Hugo Swire and Oliver Heald - both of whom were pretty low profile and not quite up to the job. The other departing Shadow Minister is David Lidington who is apparently happy with his new job as Hague's No2. Now, I know that Cameron had the advantage of having to match Brown's new enlarged team and that gave him more positions to fill, but the way in which he has shuffled and carefully balanced the wings of the party is very impressive. Compare that to the leaving of Hewitt and Beckett after Brown's shuffle.

A good job well done Mr Cameron!

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