Monday, July 09, 2007

5 (yes, FIVE) Labour Councillors defect to the Conservatives in Ealing Southall

The story of five Councillors defecting on a local authority would make the news both locally and nationally - it would swing control of a large number of councils too - but these defections have a great deal of importance because they happened in a parliamentary seat where Labour are trying to fight off a strong Tory challenge. As I've said before, defections are pretty nasty things which tend to dominate for a few days before leaving the defector(s) largely as lame ducks and the people not properly represented. However when a group of councillors do it then you have to ask questions about the dynamics of that political group or the council.

Well done to Tory elections boss Grant Shapps MP for this one and it will give Tony Lit a real boost - but it says more about Ealing Labour. Sir Ming will be seething I'm sure!

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