Sunday, July 22, 2007

Labour say vote for the candidate who lives closest to Bowthorpe

During our walkabout this morning I was passed a copy of the latest Labour leaflet by a resident. In it, the following classic line appears:

"In the end she [ Chrissie Rumsby, the former Labour Councillor ] lost her seat to a Tory who lives miles away by just 9 votes."

Oh, so it's a competition to see who lives nearer to the ward is it then? We won't go into the fact that both remaining Labour councillors live miles from the ward themselves, but that this really is a stupid-bordering-on-hypocritical stance to take.

When I lived in the ward and stood against dear old Ron Borrett who lived "miles away" in New Costessey and then again when he lived "miles away" in Eaton, Labour urged people to vote for the long-distance councillor Ron Borrett.

And next year, when Dereham Road resident Niki George (who lives a minutes walk from the ward) stands against City Centre resident Brenda Ferris (who lives "miles away") I wonder whom they'll want people to vote for then?

I notice that the great Leader Steve Morphew has taken over as agent ... not a great start then Steve!

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard the one of the Labour ex councillor in Norwich who is about to switch to the Tories??

A friend of a friends convsersation with him - any ideas on identity??