Friday, July 20, 2007

Tonight: The Police, Clover Hill & Thatcher

I am going to spend an evening with the Norfolk police force tonight at one of their "meet-the-poice" events, held in Peverell Road, Clover Hill.. Both John Wyatt and myself are looking forward to getting to grips with this, ahead of tomorrow's campaign launch for the extension of CCTV into the Clover Hill village centre. Then when I get home ... a real treat! On Iain Dale's advice I have bought "Thatcher: The Final Days" on DVD. Friends who have seen it said there wasn't a dry eye in the house, even from rapid antt-Thatcherites. Am looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

I agree with CCTV for areas with shops, such as Bowthorpe Shopping Centre, West Earlham Shopping centre, Earlham Green Lane Shops and Clover Hill village centre, on a case by case basis. These are normally were grafitti and vandalism occurs, groups collect and get up to no good on Friday, Sat and Sunday evenings, and the police response, whilst adequate and improving with PCSOs; they can not be on the spot to witness offences, deter in or respond before offenders to their thing and clear off.

I don't prescribe a police survellience society, and there must be a balance and role for home watch members and the community to get involved.

It must be understood these antisocial events are undertaken by a very small minority, and in mindless groups. They need to be identified when they offend, this needs recording and following up.

I'd actually say whilst there have been a few headline offences in the area over the last few months, general levels are calmer from last year. We need this to keep going.

Bowthorpe resident

Antony said...

It is interesting you say that things have got better because the perception on the doorsteps yesterday was that crime was falling but anti-social behaviour was rising.