Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tory defector failed to be selected as Ealing Candidate

The LibDems are doing much crowing about the so-called defection of the Deputy Chairman of Ealing Southall Conservatives over the selection of local buisnessman Tony Lit. I had no problem with this and I thought the LibDems had done well with this coup, until I discovered here that Mr Gupta has himself applied to be the candidate and failed.

Such obvious sour grapes at his own failure is rather sad and pathetic and the party will be better off once these prima-donna's all depart. Are you in this for your community, your constituents, your party or yourself?

I actually feel rather sorry for Mr Gupta, who clearly became an Association Officer in order to become the next candidate, because all of that time and effort was wasted. By jumping ship he'll find himself as yet another failed LibDem council candidate. Shame.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the Tories outpolled the LibDems massivly at the last election and they only have one very lonely councillor on the Borough Council, compared to the majority Conservative controlled council! A rat joining a sinking ship?

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