Thursday, July 05, 2007

Soapbox Hypocrites

The BBC report on the welcome news of a budget airways route from Stanstead to New York included some clips of what people thought of this from pasisng people at the airport. Cue two rather smug people complaining loudly about the environmental impact and carbon footprint of this initiative ... just before they themselves boarded a planet-destroying flight!

Isn't it odd how these people think they should be able to fly where they like and it's OK but everyone else should be ashamed of their environment wrecking flying habits!

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Anonymous said...

I am very wary of environmentalists targeting air transport and airports. The UK accounts for 2% of global emissions and air transport 5% of 2%.

The air industry is the most innovative sector looking at high tech materials, clearner more efficient fuels and engines, with people like Richard Branson developing air biofuels.

Industry, Construction and the Energy sector produce the greatest chunk of C02 emissions. 65% of energy is wasted in a Drax coal burning power station via cooling towers and very ineffient or no combined heat and power. The house or business gets only 28% of the original juice after 7% loss via the National grid. The construction industry is incredibly wasteful in transport and waste materials.

Summary: Environmentalists should be tough enough to turn their attention to inefficient and wasteful Big Industry, Energy Companies like Drax, Heavy Road Transport and Distribution, Construction Companies, and reduce high profile attacks on easy air transport and households.