Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Political Tennis

There seems to be real churn at the moment in politics with an MP, several councillors, association officers and activists flying all over the shop. But the most bizarre is that of the sixth Labour Councillor in Ealing Southall - a real ding-dong battle worthy of Wimbledon. Here are the highlights!

A lovely serve by Iain Dale, who announces that a sixth Labour councillor has quit to join the Tories. This, linked with the double Colchester LibDem defection could be match point for Cameron.

Labour campaign manager Tom Watson does a perfect return saying that she hasn't quit and is ready to take legal action against Dale whom she claims has slurred her. It looks like a spritied fightback...

Then a fantastic backhand return by Iain Dale, saying he has evidence that she was ready to defect and CCHQ claim she has been bullied by Labour into staying put.

I'm glued to my lap-top over how this game ends! 30-15 to Mr Dale so far ... I await the return play by Mr Watson.

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