Thursday, July 05, 2007

Relentlessly Negative

In the same week that David Cameron promises that the Conservatives will be "relentlessly positive" (apart from PMQs, I note) I recieved a rather irrate complaint from a Town Close resident about the LibDems latest leaflet.

Apart from the mathematically incorrect bar chart, portraying dodgy statistics without any explanation (a staple part of any LibDem leaflet) the newsletter has two stories pushing the tactical vote in Norwich. Two stories? Don't they have anything else to say? I haven't seen it but I am told it is negative from beginning to end. Do they ever learn? Why don't the LibDems link their negative campaigning with their electoral defeat in Norwich ... people want to vote for people who stand for something, as opposed to people who simply say "we aren't the other lot"!

I also urge the LibDems to read the election results, because the party that won certainly wasn't us and it certainly wasn't them...

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Anonymous said...

I agree

A party talking about tactical voting is losing its way and concerned solely with survival. I think a party should have a vision and policies that are going to improve the local area for residents and businesses, which is decided at the ballot box.

Tactical voting works against this natural democratic process. Its corrupt as vote rigging IMHO.

LibDems in Norwich are in retreat, some would say meltdown. Next May they should get a clobbering by all 3 other parties in Norwich. LibDems are largely fresh out of ideas, copying others.

Local people are interested in "can do" coucillors that sort out the crime and grime, affordable housing and better recycling etc, not tactical voting to keep redundant policies and parties