Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watkins is new LibDem Leader

Congratulations to Cllr Brian Watkins for taking the leadership of the LibDems on Norwich City Council. Brian is a hard working, positive and decent man who has made a big impact on the Council; he is taking on the toughest job in Norwich politics at the moment and I do hope that the impending slaughter of LibDem candidates next May won't reflect on him personally. I look forward to working with you, Brian!

UPDATE: According to an impeccable source, at least 2 other LibDem Councillors are annoyed to have been passed over - one is "a little peeved", the other is "fuming". I wonder if there was a contest election? As the LibDems claim to be so honest and open I'm sure they'll tell us!

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Anonymous said...

I endorse everything your say about Brian Watkins - should have been leader instead of Cooke two years ago. The Lib Dems need to pull behind him or they are doomed.

As for alternatives I can think of only one semi credible other contender given that the alled "heir apparent" will probably lose in May.