Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Con Gain

So despite claiming he quit, it now turns out that Castle Point MP Bob Spink was sacked by the Tory Chief Whip tonight for trying to blackmail the party into saving him from a de-selection vote. Although we are sad that he has done this, it does open another winnable seat up and will join Grantham, Croydon Central and Bexley as definite "Con Gain" seats at the next election.

David Cameron has spoken about wanting a parliamentary party that reflects the country; I wonder if I could, tonuge-in-cheek, suggest that some sitting MPs are doing all they can to give him the chance by vacating their safe seats in new and interesting ways!


Anonymous said...

How is this a Tory Gain, It is a Tory Seat. The Beeb and all other news channels will class this as a held Tory seat. Pointless spin.

Antony said...

I think you are wrong, anon, but I do stand ready to be corrected. I understood that the BBC used the state of the seat going into the election. So, for example, Clare Short's Birmingham seat is likely to be one of just a handful of Labour Gain's (along with Galloway's old seat).

Either way, the point is being made that the candidate who inherits this seat will be 110% cameron approved and thus people like Spink are doing Cameron's job for him.

Anonymous said...

I tend agree with Antony here! I find this political intrigue a distraction. UK Plc is about to slide down the economic shit pan, jobs, investments, house prices, increased food, transport and fuel prices, credit availability, inflation, additional taxes.

Look boys and girls, stop the political point scoring, get the economy running again (ie get us out of this crap!)

Anonymous said...

Tut Tut Mr Little - the BBC etc always base gains and losses on the previous General Election. Surely a Politics teacher would know that!!

A few years ago a list of so-called "bed-blockers" was circulated in Tory circles - proved v unpopular. Tories need to concentrate more on winning marginals and not point scoring off eachother for so called safe seats - the Tories thought seats like Solihull were safe at the last election (whoops!)