Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LibDem one trick pony looking increasingly desperate

A while ago I argued that the LibDem foxes were one-by-one being shot and the party would end up clinging to Iraq as their last desperate piece of political populism. Nick Clegg must have thanked his lucky stars that so much time and media coverage has been dedicated to the "5 years since the Iraq war" stuff, because its the only way he's made headlines since being elected (well, positive headlines anyway ... he got those ones about the EU Referendum, remember!).

The Iraq war is something that the electorate seems to have moved on about (judging by the response on the doorsteps in Norwich and from other colleagues around the country) and yet the LibDems don't seem to have.

So instead of formulating a really exciting policy idea - like removing failing schools from LEA control - they launch a website reminding people who voted for the war (see here). The sad thing is that it pretends not to be a LibDem front and no matter which MP you have or how they voted, you are encouraged to print off an anti-Tory poster to display in your window to remind you about Conservative support for the war, rather than the government who led us into conflict. So, they've managed to achieve a very rare political double act.

They've managed to look utterly irrelevant AND shown how desperate and scared they are of the Cameron resurgance.

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