Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back on the Streets

Apologies for lack of posting about the campaign trail, but its so hectic at the moment there is so much to write that I don't know where to start! (So I didn't start ... you get the picture ...)

Yesterday a big group of us went to Clover Hill in Bowthorpe; and we found a fantastic reception on the doorsteps. One of the big problems in working with Niki George is getting him from door-to-door - he just wants to talk to people and they want to talk to him! Niki has managed to involve a lot of new people in his campaign and all they saw of him was the occassional glimpse whilst we canvass the rest of the street!

The campaign so far has seen a fair amount of "shadow boxing" with Labour; they've been saying some rather interesting things about us (as a party) and about me in particular. I'm sure this won't do them any good; the last time they tried this was against Eve Collishaw in Catton Grove last year and it spectacularly backfired. It did again this time - the voter said that because of Labour's attitude, she was willing to think about voting Conservative this time.

The issues that were raised were mainly centered around anti-social behaviour, road safety and recycling. Interestingly the bus lane was raised a fair few times and so was the whole unitary mess.

A good day out all-in-all; Bowthorpe Ward's shaping up to be another cracker!

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