Friday, March 28, 2008

Tories announce local poll candidates

The Norwich Conservatives have announced the 13 candidates who will contest the local elections on 1st May, ensuring that everybody in the City has the chance to vote for a Conservative candidate.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Antony Little said: "Everyone in the City now has a chance to vote for a hard working, common sense ConservativeCouncillor who will put tackling anti-social behaviour, cleaning up the streets and fighting for our Post Offices at the heart of their work."

"The Conservatives are a very different political party for Norwich - the only party that spoke up against the millions wasted on the unitary project and the only party that voted to freeze council tax levels this year."

"Last year we won the same number of wards as the LibDems and gained as many seats as the Greens. Every year we win more votes and more Councillors. This year could be crucial, and every new Conservative Councillor will mean we have a better chance of a value-for-money council that puts residents first."

The full list of candidates is:
Bowthorpe - Niki George
Catton Grove - John Fisher
Crome - Ernie Horth
Eaton - Niall Baxter
Lakenham - Eileen Wyatt
Mancroft - Andrew Wiltshire
Mile Cross - Clive Smith
Nelson - Malcolm Chamberlin
Sewell - David Mackie
Thorpe Hamlet - Matthew Davison
Town Close - Tak Man Li
University - Paul Wells
Wensum - Mike Gillespie


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see Ernie Horth back on the slate. I was getting a bit worried as he hadn't stood for a couple of years. The only Tory I have ever voted for.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any predictions this year? I think it would be good if you got a member of each party to predict, extra competition for the day!

Anonymous said...

Some key questions for this year...

1. How far will the Lib Dems plunge? They stand to lose 7 of their 11 seats. Best course is probably to cut their losses - concentrate on Eaton, Thorpe Hamlet and one other (probably Lakenham is still best bet).

2. Can the Tories make any impact in Norwich North. There is a bright young PPC and the Tories held a seat last year. This is the first opportunity to make an impression. The Tories picking another candidate in Catton who is already a councillor elsewhere has put a smile on Labour's face.

3. Can Labour fend off the Tories in its heartlands? Bowthorpe will be a key battleground - there was a certain amount of blood pilled in Labour ranks last year with a perception that the powers that be abandoned this seat on election day. I don't think Brenda Ferris will let them do that this year!

4. Is this the historic opportunity for the Greens - can they go bigger than mopping up the spare seats in wards they hold? With the likelihood of unitary this might be the only opportunity for the Greens to grab poll position. Would expect gains in TC, Mancroft, probably Thorpe Hamlet to take them to 13. However, I still feel Sewell is there for the taking if they wants to look bigger - the Greens haven't gained a seat off Labour since 2004.

My preliminary thoughts are

Bowthorpe - Lab hold (just)
Catton - Lab hold
Crome- Lab hold
Eaton- Con gain
Lakenham - Lab gain (just)
Mancroft - Green gain
Mile X - Lab gain
Nelson - Green hold
Sewell - Lab hold (just)
Thorpe Hamlet - Green gain
Town Close - Green gain
Wensum - Green hold
University - Lab gain

So - Lab - 18, Green 13, Lib 4, Con 4.

But who knows it could end up
Lab 14 (gain Uni,Milex - lose Bowth,Sewell,CG,)
Green 14 (gain Sewell,TH,TC.Manc)
Lib 5 (hold Lak),
Con 6 (gain Bowth,Catton, Eaton)

or even better if fate conspires that Labour make no gains - Lab 12, Green 14, Lib 7, Con 6