Friday, March 14, 2008

Cameron's Family Values

In what was meant to be an aside to the launch of the Tory families policy, the political story has appeared to move onto the decision of Leader David Cameron to invite the ITN cameras into his home to film the family at work and play (read more here). Actually I believe this can only add to the news coverage of what are set to be an excellent set of policies.

So should Cameron have done this? Undoubtably the answers is that this is a personal choice. Tony Blair played the family card really well and benefited; clearly Brown isn't going to, and thats his choice. I actually think Cameron is right about one thing - the British public want to know what makes him "tick" and if we are to have this man as our next Prime Minister we'd want to know more about the kind of man he is.

I have never used my wife or family on any party political campaigning (although we did get our picture in the paper when Emily was born - a media hit that wasn't reproduced for Olivia, may I add) but I do talk about my children both on this blog and on the doorstep - because they shape who I am and what my political beliefs are. People ask if I have a family and I always reply to them, normally in gushing terms!

Louise is ultra-shy when it comes to publicity and politics; she married me, not my career. She stays out of everything; occassionally coming with me to a fundraiser or even but her focus in life is being a great mum and a great teacher. She isn't a trophy Tory-wife and I don't expect her to fawn by my side at events and suchlike. If she ever chose to get involved, I'd support her, but I don't think it's likely! She supports me 110% - by keeping my feet on the ground, telling me when I'm being an idiot and occassionally smacking me with reality. That's more important to me than anything else.

So, if Samantha Cameron was fine by it then why shouldn't Cameron open his doors to the news, and thus by extension the nation? That's what personal choice is all about; I may not do it, but I admit I was fascinated by the news coverage.


Anonymous said...

Its a bit tough if you like being single and don't want a family to repopulate twice over an already overcrowded island!!! Some might ojbect at forking out taxes for other folks kids. Perhaps the singleton card would be just as powerful!!

Anonymous said...

If Cameron's wife was on the back of their tandem would she let him go through the red lights?

Anonymous said...

The Tories tried the singleton thing with Ted Heath - I don't think they'll go back.