Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't Take On Basher

David Davis is currently proving what an asset to the Conservatives he is, appearing on BBC's Question Time.

He crushed lil 'ol Ed Millband over ID Cards, and I'm sure the link "Orwell was meant to be a warning, not a template" will be recycled after tonight.

Good on him for taking on idiotic celebrity Marcus Brigstoke and his arguement that we shouldn't have a referendum on Lisbon because people hadn't read it. He concluded: "Are you honestly saying that we shouldn't get a vote because people can't understand it; are you saying the people in this audience can't cope with it? What a ridiculous conclusion."

And best of all, his attack on the utterly shameless Shirley Williams for her fence-sitting over Europe. She came out fighting OK, but being loud and rude doesn't make up for lacking an arguement. Then Basher asked her if it was "unimportant beause it doesn't need a vote" or "so important three of your frontbenchers had to resign over it". Williams blubbed for a few seconds, then he went for the throat again. Williams looked intellectually feeble, out-of-touch and just a little bit absurd for the whole programme; and her knock about with Davis just made it worse for her.

Warning, as if a warning is required, that you take on Basher at your peril!


Anonymous said...

I made a decision last night. I'm not voting Labour at the next election in South Norwich. Period !

I wanted a referendum on the Lisboa Treaty (mini EU constitution)

I don't want compulsary ID cards for UK/EU nationals.

Oh, Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Orwell is political satire.

It's impossible to talk about anti-terror legislation because one side perpetually quote their poorly construed concepts of 1984. George Orwell was a great admirer of Jonathon Swift and it should be read as a political satire, not an ominous prediction.

ID cards contain no more information or cost than a passport would after the application of biometric technology.

I tend to find the illegality of collecting money for the miners was far more 'Orwellian', and I take pleasure in the irony if this comment is not accepted on this blog!!!