Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If Gordon Brown doesn't want to be seen as a ditherer, he better stop dithering

The government climbdown on the embryo bill will be seen as 2 things - firstly a triumph for David Cameron who has used PMQs to personally association himself with the call for a free vote, and secondly another dithering disaster for the Prime Minister who has once again been forced into a retreat, this time by his own side.

But, I say, if you are are doing to dither then only do it once. The PM's ill-fated compromise may not yet be enough - he's only promised Labour MPs a free vote on 3 clauses of the bill and he will then whip them on the third reading. So if any of the morally controversial aspects stay in the Bill, then any Labour MP who opposed them before will have to vote for them at the end. Oh dear ... how can they vote against it one minute and then for it the next? Not good at all, so I expect the PM will be forced into another climbdown before the vote is taken. And he wonders why people think he dithers...

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Anonymous said...

Where do you stand on this Antony?

Personally I think religion should not influence politics and science, and that is what is happening. I say shame on any Labour MP who doesn't support this legislation, and I hope the other parties do the same.