Friday, March 28, 2008

The Police & Political Harrassment

Yesterday I called the police.

A few days ago I wrote this post about the behaviour and maturity of a number of members of the National Committee of the Liberal Youth. A day later, during a council meeting, I recieved an extremely rude text message from an unknown number referring to that post. I also rejected a number of very, very abusive comments on this blog.

The next morning I recieved a number of calls from various companies saying I had requested information on their services. These calls were taken by my wife and we were both a little bit shaken by them all coming so close together. In each case, my name and mobile phone number were given. I enquired further and discovered that each internet log was made within minutes of the text message arriving.

I absolutely reserve the right to pass comment on my political opponents as they would about me. We then thrash out differences in a debate and then a vote - ironically we were doing just that, with myself and Brian Watkins locking horns for the first time, when the text arrived. However, I do not and will not tolerate abuse nor the abuse of my name and contact details. Or indeed anything that brings my family into it.

It was very immature, deeply disturbing and not knowing what was to come I phoned the police and gave them these details. The police phoned the number of the texter and they were warned about their behaviour and told not to do so again. All this was done in half an hour (remarkably kind, sensitive and polite service it was too.)

Whoever it was, and I do not seek to point the finger, but the link between the post, the text and the calls is too obvious to miss. But whoever did it has absolutely no concept of the way a democracy works or how to conduct themselves in public life.

I am writing this post not to "name and shame" them but to lay down a marker for everyone who is fed up of the mindless, childish behaviour of a few people in society.


Anonymous said...

I take it you will be making a formal complaint to the President and/or Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats?

Anonymous said...

What a dignified post and a proper response Antony. Well done.

Matthew Wilkes said...


This is a worrying post and, as egl resident says, you dealt with it well. I certainly hope that this wasn't actually someone in LIBERAL YOUTH but if anyone external was trying to make us look bad this probably wouldn't be the first thing they'd try.

I can appreciate you not wanting to point the finger, but this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable. Frankly, I'm amazed that anyone could consider it a good idea, and very annoyed that somebody is damaging our reputation with their childish behaviour. If you would like to pass on any details about this to our office on 02072271387 so we can investigate we'd very much appreciate it.


Matthew Wilkes