Wednesday, August 22, 2007

B&Q: At the forefront of the worst customer service in the country

I am so fuming about this I cannot write any more, but I will return with the full story tomorrow. If you are thinking about spending any money in any B&Q store anywhere in the country, I strongly urge you to stop and think.

In 28 years on this planet and even being a Norwich City Councillor (thus seeing the internal workings of City Hall) I have never been treated so badly by such an incompetent company.

Stay well clear.


Anonymous said...

Antony, you weren't hoping to go Green and get one of those solar panels for £1499. and they were out of stock??

Anonymous said...

What like City Hall, one can't get through to the appropriate officer, and is flobbed off by a receptionist who knows little about the issue?

Antony said...

Worse, anon 10.06 - I left seven messages with their installation centre and three in branch without a single call back. I left several messages on a mobile phone and e-mails - nothing in return.

Believe me, if the council treated you the way B&Q treated me then I'd be the first to lay seige to City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I wish Norwich CC had an officer list to refer to, sometimes one doesn't know who to speak to.

B & Q are great if you go in and buy off the stelf, if want to order something complicatted like a shower unit or a fitted kitchen, this is a different matter as one is directed to a remote centralise megalith. I imagine, like council services, there are a lot of key staff that are off on hols at a time when customers are wanting summer home improvements. They need to get their installation act in order.