Monday, August 20, 2007

Lost Days

Sorry about the lack of posts - no, I wasn't out searching the Norfolk countryside for people who fake facebook pages - I was in fact having an away-weekend withe my darling wife and lovely children in London. And rather nice it was too. However, the reality of a fortnight more off has now sunk back in and the task of getting B&Q to actually install a bathroom begins in ernest.

This evening I attended a Conservative campaigning meeting and there the general consensus was that Brown wouldn't call an early poll but by all accounts we are now geared up for an Autumn election. In fact, some of the more eager among us are now willing it on. I'm not sure - as I've said before, I don't did Brown has the cash or the inclination to do it.

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Anonymous said...

I was interested to hear that with Unitary Status the conservatives would be likely to sweep in to power at Norwich without a vote being made.

This divides conservatives into three schools of thought for the Unitary diection.

1) No surrenderers
2) The Doughnuts (Norwich core with with Norfolk wraparound)
3) A East West Central Tricolours.

Personally I think I'm for the Doughnut or Tricolour as the first might be a irrelevant. The only difficulty might be what Great Yarmouth wish to do. They are against linking up with Waveney/Lowestoft currently. The more I think of it the best breakup might be West Norfolk from Kings Lynn, Greater Norwich from Norwich and East Norfolk from Great Yarmouth, with only the Police or/and Fire Brigade (emergency services) left at county level?

Which group are you in Antony? I have you still and a no surrender, but I might be corrected promptly.

My only concern for the public is whether the interim serving councillors will have a mandate from the wards they will represent, until the next county or Brown induced elections.

I guess the a ray of light scenario is that you might be Norwich Unitary City Council Leader by Christmas, whether you are currently reassessing or still against unitary change?? Morph might be back in opposition with only 18 months at the helm!