Monday, August 13, 2007

Hay Hill may give Brenda and Felicity some living space

Publicity hungry councillors who are due for re-election next year quite often don't stop to think about the consequences when a photographer is about. In this month's "Citizen" magazine there is a jolly nice shot of LibDem Cllr Felicity Hartley and Labour's Cllr Brenda Ferris at the unveiling of the Thomas Browne modern art on Hay Hill.

True, their picture has been shoved under the nose of every voter in the city (those who pay attention) but this also now ties both ladies to the fate of the art work. Given all the controversy about both the cost and if the council should put modern art on the site at all, it was a high risk strategy.

The jury is still out on this - most people I speak to don't like the Browne art work but these things do sometimes grow on people. I hope, for their sake, that it does grow on people because their role in this controversial expenditure is bound to be a feature of their re-election.

If people like it then all will be forgiven. But if not, the folly of this wasted money could well sink both of them at the polls and both are clinging on by their finger tips as it is.

People will, quite rightly, ask what the money that the City Council has ploughed into this could have been used for in their communities.

This is one photo op that may just come back to bite them.

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Anonymous said...

The Hay Hill sculpture was a Lib Dem "Brain Dead" idea and waste of £300,000 of money that next Norwich CC executive had to go ahead with due to the legalities and comebacks of stopping the development. The Public well know this and thing should not happen again. Most Norwich folk have more appetite for a day of eating adacent burgers and fries, than for a growing appetite for raw brains and pavement obstructions to trip over. Creative juices and financial gone too far!!!