Friday, August 31, 2007

BBC Poll UpDate: Constitution & Facebook

The BBC loves its little polls on the side of news stories but does anybody actually look at the results? Having just trawled through the news, I voted on two polls. The first, on the EU Constituion Referendum (I voted for having one), was a massive 79% for to 20% against. The second asked if workers should have access to Facebook during the working day (I voted against this). The result, as of just now, was an even 49-49 split, but with the anti's just ahead by a fraction.

Given the way that Facebook has taken over my life and the amount of time I give to it during the evenings alone I strongly predict that if the TUC get their way and workers can get access to it then the entire British economy would collapse within an hour and a half. If I could read and reply on Facebook in school, I'd never do any work ... during my free periods and probably during class too. For my sanity, if nothing else, don't do it! Vote by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

I'd ban facebook in the workplace and schools. It becomes a drug and distraction for the purpose of being at work or studying. People need to be less reliant, more disciplined and mindful on this tech form of communication, switch it off or leave it at home, and get a real life. Its not a Human Right yet, lets not make it one!